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Repair and upgrade

Hydraulic presses installed in production lines in various industries (metallurgy, machine-building, wood, cotton, etc.) are subject to upgrade and repair. In the course of modernization of the equipment it is equipped with modern distribution and power apparatus, as well as control systems, which improves reliability and repairability. We have great experience in the creation of modern systems of control of technological equipment based on programmable controllers. Replacement of relay control systems or electronics of first generation with modern controllers can sharply raise reliability of the equipment.

Company provides technical services for supplied equipment, installation and commissioning works, spare parts supply for the entire lifetime. Installation and commissioning are carried out "turnkey" by our qualified personnel. Company is upgrading and repairing hydraulic presses both domestic production (manufacturing plants of the former USSR), and any imported. In addition to hydraulic units, during repair and modernization of hydraulic presses, company manufactures and supplies basic components and details - columns, architraves, cylinders, hydropanels, etc.

During 20 years of its activity, «Volev» company performed repair, upgrade and supply of hydraulic presses and spare parts for more than three hundred objects located in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The following are the most striking experiences of our company.

Illich iron & Steel Works

Works on modernization of the 4 presses model ДО242 with the supply of hydraulic units and electrical equipment. Presses are designed for the production of refractory products. Similar work performed on Yenakiyevo Steel Plant and combine "Krivorozhstal". In addition, at illich iron & steel works was performed upgrade of sheet stamping press model П3236 force 400 tf and two presses for briquetting of ferrous metals shavings model Б6234 force 250 tf.

CJSC «Electrozolit»

Reconstruction of line, pressing laminates.

CJSC Electrozolit      CJSC Electrozolit


Metallurgical plant «Zio-Podolsk»

Upgrade of press П237 for hot stretch of bottoms. Press of double action force 2000/1000 tf. Besides, there were upgrade and repairing of hydraulic presses for hot stamping force of 250 tf, 400 tf, 800 tf.

Metallurgical plant Zio-Podolsk      Metallurgical plant Zio-Podolsk


JSC «Ukrgrafit»

Reconstruction of two presses for the production of graphite electrodes force 3000 tf. and 4,000 tf.

JSC Ukrgrafit      JSC Ukrgrafit


Russian and Ukrainian companies manufacturing aluminium profile

At the Voronezh plant for the production of aluminum profiles were upgraded three Japanese presses for production of aluminum profiles - two of force 1500 tf and one - 2500 tf. At the Ukrainian enterprises Efkon and Kiev Aluminum Plant were upgraded presses of force 1250 tf.

Russian and Ukrainian companies manufacturing aluminium profile       Russian and Ukrainian companies manufacturing aluminium profile


JSC «Kryukov car building works»

Reconstruction of the sheet-metal press "Schloemann" force 1500 tf., Modernization of the press control of the company "БЛИСС," force of 800 tf and two presses of 200 tf.

JSC «Dneprovagonmash»

Manufactured and put into operation a hydraulic press for hot stamping, manufactured by our company, force of 630 tf.

JSC Dneprovagonmash       JSC Dneprovagonmash

JSC «AC «Rubin»

Modernization of two of hydraulic presses for stamping shoe brakes, force of 800 tf.

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