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Spare parts supply

Besides the production of hydraulic press equipment company also provides warranty and service maintenance for companies, manufactures and supplies spare parts. Spare parts are available not only on the equipment manufactured by our company, but also on the presses and complexes from other manufacturers.

We supply:

  • Hydraulic cylinders of plunger type of various purposes, plunger diameter up to 1000 mm;
  • Columns with nuts for presses of various purposes;
  • Architraves of welded construction;
  • Heating plates for a storey presses with the possibility of using different heat transfer fluids;
  • Hydraulic drives and press control system;
  • Electric control cabinets;
  • Lifting tables of various carrying capacity, "scissors" type;
  • Around pressing mechanization.

Individual approach to the technical requirements of the customer enables us to accept orders for manufacturing of any non-standard equipment.

Hydraulic drives

   Electric control cabinets

   Spare parts supply

Spare parts supply

   Spare parts supply

Columns with nuts for presses of various purposes

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